[Lana di pecora Sarda – Lana di pecora Merinos]

All our wool yarns are of precious quality and embellished by the variegated hues we obtained, which allow us to create fabrics that are unique in their kind. Consequently each colour tone is alive and unique, able to transfer emotions to the spectator or the wearer of the clothes. Use of natural fibres and pigments without any synthetic or chemical substance respects the environment, in line with sustainable development, and do not cause skin allergies

100% WOOL of SARDINIAN sheep, dyed with natural pigments

The wool yarn of Sardinian sheep is a consistent and resistant local fibre, hailing from the Italian island-region of Sardinia. It has outstanding insulating properties, is a natural water-repellent and has a porous structure that absorbs the natural pigments more intensively, deepening the reflection of its colour. Make beautiful works of art yourself and use your fantasy to realise original creations!

100% WOOL of MERINOS sheep, dyed with natural pigments

Virginal wool yarn of Merinos sheep, 100% natural, sets itself apart by its incredible softness. It is soft at the touch as well as directly on your skin; it doesn’t cause any allergies even on the most delicate skins. This yarn we propose in various thicknesses.