Clothing accessories

Clothing accessories rich in history, in refined style. The importance of knowing the story of a piece of clothing that we wear. The individual wearing them feels free to express their uniqueness and personality.

STOLES, 100% Silk, dyed with natural pigments

Precious with regard to material and colouring, these sophisticated silk STOLES, dyed with craftsmanship in a rich and variegated scale of vibrant hues. Natural fibres with beneficial capacities to whom is wearing them, whatever season of the year, creating a comfortable, pleasant sensation.

SHAWLS “Sport”, of 100% Merinos wool, dyed with natural colours

Refined, ribbed-knit SHAWLS, proposed in a rich chromatic gamma, are characterised by the vibrant hues of natural colours and the softness of the precious yarn. A non-allergenic, natural fibre, very warm, soft and not prickly!

SHAWLS “Combed”, of 100% Merinos wool, created on the weaving loom, dyed with natural colours

A both elegant and casual piece of clothing with a herringbone pattern created on the weaving loom. Highly valued due to the intense colour and the insulating fibre that retains the body’s warmth.


SHAWLS and CLOAKS “Ecoprint”, of 100% Merinos wool, dyed with natural colours

Unique pieces like precious paintings on canvas, dedicated to the person who wears them! Leaf motifs created with the exclusive eco-print technique, a branch of the art of natural dying, without a trace of chemical substances – vegetal dyes only, non-allergenic, harmless to persons and to the environment.

NECK-WARMER of 100% Merinos wool, dyed with natural colours.

Precious for its material and colour scheme, ribbed knit and proposed in a rich chromatic gamma. Warm, extremely soft and without any prickliness!
One-size-fits-all model, soft garment, stays comfortably wrapped around the neck without any constraint, suitable for each age, also for small children.


CAPS of 100% Merinos wool, dyed with natural colours.

Trendy ribbed-knit accessory for any age, a soft, not-prickly piece of clothing with an extremely high-quality yarn. Rich chromatic gamma!

SHOULDER BAGS, BAG-BACKPACKS and POUCHES, dyed with natural pigments

High-end accessories with a highly resistant fabric, composed of wool and cotton yarn, suitable for everyday use, practical and casual wear!

KIMONO JACKETS of 100% Merinos wool, dyed with natural colours

Unique pieces of clothing, woven garments of wool, both elegant and casual, all highly valued for their intense and brilliant colour. Single-coloured models, mélange and leave motifs, one size fits any physical form!