“Casa La Robbia”


 “Casa La Robbia”

Situated in the historic centre of the medieval village of Atzara, in the heart of Sardinia, ‘Casa La Robbia’ is now ready for you

It is a typical Sardinian house, decorated and furnished sustainably – and of course showcasing hand-dyed accessories from our artisanal workshop.

It is a typical Sardinian house

<br /> Hospitality

You will be greeted by a rainbow of colourful threads and fabrics, reflecting the traditional crafts of our region..

An interweaving of ancient and modern arts that gives a sense of being at home.

We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of Sardinia, for a unique and authentic green holiday experience.

Three rooms

We offer a choice of three rooms, each named after the plant that inspired the colour tones for the interior design:our ‘Dafne’ single room, ‘Robbia’ double room, and ‘Indaco’ triple room.


A shared kitchen, breakfast room and garden are available for the use of our guests.

Three Rooms

"Robbia double Room"

"Dafne breakfast room single Room"

"Indaco’ triple Room"

Breakfast room